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Welcome to G-Script
Nautilus File Manager Scripts

Welcome to new web site for nautilus script and happy scripting.

Original web site was created by Shane M. Many thanks an you ;-)

Shane has wrote : Here, I have compiled some useful scripts for use in Gnome's Nautilus file manager. I have collected these from various sources on the internet, and written some myself, to assist others in making their Nautilus file manager even more useful. Most of these scripts are simple bourne shell (e.g., /bin/bash) scripts, although some require other software, notably the now-deprecated gdialog (replaced by zenity)

Local Script Archives
Archives of the scripts on this page, and locally-mirrored archives of other script-based projects. These local copies might be out of date, so go to the original sources for the freshest versions
nautilus-scripts.tar.gz (68k)   You can download all of the scripts on this site at once in a tar.gz archive. To use, just do "tar -xvzf nautilus-scripts.tar.gz" or use one of the archive extraction scripts above and move the ones you want into ~/.gnome/nautilus-scripts. Even better, they are already organized hierarchically in a nautilus-scripts directory, so you can just extract the entire archive into ~/.gnome and you are good to go.
flyn_nautilus_scripts.tar.gz*   W. Michael Petullo's ( nice set of scripts for Nautilus. Most are available individually above.
gtk-cfs-0.1.tgz*   Marc Prud'hommeaux's gtk-cfs project is a set of scripts for Nautilus that will create and manage encrypted filesystems.
exif-dumper.tar.gz   Tuomas Kuosmanen's script and icon at for doing stuff with meta-information provided by digital cameras.
webgallery-php.tar.gz   Tuomas Kuosmanen's scripts at for creating a web gallery from selected images.
exif-dumper.tar.gz   Tuomas Kuosmanen's miscellaneous scripts at
nyquist-nautilus-scripts.tar.gz   Matthew Hall's scripts available at These include some that aren't available on this page.

*Many of these scripts (marked with an *) have been licensed under the Gnu General Public License (GPL). Read it if you don't understand what rights this gives or what restrictions this places on you.

Wanted: Scripts and fixes
Here's a list of Nautilus script-based fixes that would be really cool, as well as functions of scripts that don't have scripts for them yet. If you have one or can write one, mail it to the g-scripts-devel mailing list.
  • Gnome-related wishlist:
    • Script title functionality, based on the second line of the script file. E.g., if the file starts:

      the appropriate title will appear in the scripts menu.(Thanks to Manuel Clos for the suggestion.)
    • Right-clicking in the blank space (not on a file or subdirectory) of a Nautilus Directory will execute the script on the current directory. (This is apparently fixed in upcoming releases).
    • Ability to issue Refresh and other commands to nautilus window. Without a refresh interface, scripts often appear to have no effect, until you manually refresh the Nautilus window.
    • Improved gdialog (it seems a little buggy right now.)
  • Script wishlist: Here are some cool ideas for scripts that I don't have. Please write them and send them to me.
    • Interfaces with other mailers (Evolution)
    • Gnome configuration scripts, (Add to Gnome Menu, create.desktop launcher, etc.)
    • Other useful Ghostscript filters.
    • Nautilus-ified versions of these.
    • Any functionality that you usually need to go to a terminal to accomplish.
    • Scripts for creating HTML, (e.g., make photo album from selected pictures with WebMagick).
  • Website wishlist:
    • Your Scripts!!!
    • Comprehensive HowTo for writing Scripts.